I knew she was cumming because I could taste it on her clit, around her clit and smell it. We then decided our little sexcapade was over for a little while until we got home. I love to be awakened in the morning by my husband gliding his cock over my lips, pressing against them, urging my lips to part so that he can slide it inside mouth. She continued pumping until my dick was absolutely limp. Suddenly, she was sucking it and I was looking outside to see whether there were any customers or her colleagues coming to the back. We had company in the next room and I didn't suspect a thing. She got out to get some air. Liz pulled my cock out and pumped the rest of my cum in to her open mouth, sucking me dry. He was moaning and pushing my head down as far as it could go.

Woman on top oral sex

Let me tell you I began sucking his cock. That after taste makes me hungry for more She moved her tongue in circles around my dick while alternating between deep, heavy sucks and light, teasing ones. I made a small circle around her belly button and then pulling the skirt and pink panty down in one motion I kissed her black tuft of pubic hair. Down on my knees, my fingers parting her pussy lips to find her clit I wrapped my tongue around it and started sucking, slowly. Fuck, she tasted good! Her colleagues were also relaxing at the front portion of the shop. Liz had my cock head in her lovely mouth with her soft tongue circling around it, her long straight blonde hair hanging down brushing my balls. I could feel her nipples hard under the t-shirt she wore. I never felt my shorts and boxers being pulled down to my ankles but I did feel the warm mouth that engulfed my dick. She sucked and pumped until I was unable to think. Her hands in my hair, tightening around the strands, I knew she was cumming. He looked a little confused but he came anyway. She swallowed all of it and said she had never done it before. Saying nothing, I kneeled and licked her pussy. After I've swallowed it all, I love the after taste and sensation in my mouth. She threw her head back, leaning against the car. She kept pumping my cock in her mouth as she drooled all over it. Seeing all the girls dancing and jumping and splitting made me so horny so I went to my room. Once inside she closed the door and quickly slid my pants down to my knees. I liked it and wanted more so I went faster with two fingers rushing in and out of her pussy. Munch Maniac He was probably one of the less attractive guys I ever dated He pulled my hair as he came into my mouth. Now that was heaven!

Woman on top oral sex

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Woman on top oral sex

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