The rest of Friday and all-day Saturday I debated about going over there. He must have sensed that she wanted this to go further because his hands moved south. It had a perfect mushroom top head and had a nice glisten to it from pre-cum. When Mike had all of his cock in my rectum I felt full; he started moving slowly at first then he picked up the pace. Lucy inserted her fingers into my pussy again this time when she pulled them out she put her fingers in Mike's mouth to taste me. My heart skipped a beat.

Watching my neighbors have sex

When he did, Shelly arched her back. A couple more guys showed up and we all razzed them about missing out on seeing the next door neighbor. He said that after she had a couple of beers earlier that afternoon, she started hinting at her sexual adventures in college. I had positioned myself across from Shelly and had a good view up her legs. She came on my face, so I was all wet. What a fuck this girl was! She had two orgasms and when Bob came, he unloaded a massive load of cum. They have a grown daughter named Jenny that looks just like her mother. Shelly sat at the bar and I acted as the bartender. I stepped out on the deck to look around. I just shrugged my shoulders. I got dressed looking around seeing all the others dozing, so I just left and went home. His being gone seems to contribute to the stress in his marriage. I inserted my finger into her quim, and it felt amazing. I checked the crotch of the discarded shorts and it was soaked. I could hear Mike laughing after I calmed down when I looked at him he smiled at me and asked: Shelly was writhing around on the table while this guy slurped up her juices. After a few guys fucked Shelly, they decided she should do two at a time. He slowly starts pushing his cock into my anus once he pushed past my anal ring he paused until I started pushing back against him to let him know that I wanted more. When she pulled her fingers out of his mouth, he turned to me and started kissing my passionately. She gave me a sloppy wet blow job right there in the doorway. Jenny went over to him and started sucking his cock cleaning it off for him. He moved closer to me so I could take more of his cock. I taste myself all over her mouth I pulled away from the kiss to lick her face to clean it up from my orgasm. She explained the Bill was out of town and one of her girlfriends had canceled on her leaving her with nowhere to go.

Watching my neighbors have sex

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Loud Neighbors Having Sex

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Watching my neighbors have sex

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