I had some surgery about two weeks prior of this event nothing major "elective" so I was finishing up my antibiotics. Sent in by Jan Frankson, Copyright Reactions: Fans went on this was when he was in hospice. But even though I wanted him to, he did not come to me once. My experience is not unusual. You can show me all the ghost pictures you have and I won't change my mind. I began to tell him some of my story and he listened but I don't remember much feed back or if he even believed that it was anything.

Sex with ghost fucked by vampire

Why me, why my grandpa? It felt really good, and it kept feeling really good. I started to feel a sexual feeling down there I was upset at the maid for not putting her in something warmer. The next morning the church, where my daughter and myself were baptized, I went there to see if a priest was there to bless the home but he was busy. I could see my body move but I felt it. If you do your homework and research the subject, you will find thousands of people - maybe millions - all over the world dealing with the same situation. My Advice to You The face was scary, with darked out eyes and a weird looking expression. Josephina leaves on the weekends and I was alone in that house. I took her to my room and I couldn't sleep all night scared out of my mind. It haunts me to this day' Why? My friend told me to just ask it to leave, but I still felt a presence in my house even after she claimed she had helped it move on. Why wouldn't a demon deceive a lot of people to make them think they are a ghost? They were pretty scary looking pictures. I still don't believe that, but I tried her way because I was desperate and needed to try something. No one could have duplicated that voice, it was such a faint and off in the distance kind of sound. I feel that now its my mission to inform the world of incubus and succubus demons, and I will pray for others out there because it is becoming normal to some to do just what this man did: I was going to have my ex go there also and pick up all the rest of his stuff, grandpa said he fell asleep in the living room and just a short cat nap about 7pm and woke up with a man standing in the hall way staring at him, with a jacket on and a cap, then he just vanished. I didn't even get my story told until later. You can take it home with you. I felt an eerie evil presence, so I sought a minister to come to my house to pray for my protection and bless the house. After I arrived at her home, my friend took me to an old house next to hers that had been abandoned for many years. I hope to warn everyone about the danger of incubus and succubus demons, and any demonic force that gives sexual pleasure to humans. The picture I have of that man is truly a demonic photo. After all, it was only after I got into paranormal ghost stuff that I was attacked.

Sex with ghost fucked by vampire

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Sex with ghost fucked by vampire

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    One said to get garlic and I said Hell that's for vampires. Partly, I think God showed me this through a negative sense I had started to feel about this demon's presence in my life.


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