But what was Travolta thinking!!!???!!!??? Now stick in George Burns as the narrator. I remember at the time thinking it was so cool, because I was full on into roller skating. Unfortunately for me, the next day at school was pizza day, which is exactly what the remains looked like. Talk about a bad impression.

Sex movies of the 70s

How did MST3K miss this one? Ms 45 A young, attractive woman is raped and from this terrifying experience, decides that all men are evil. But that's a whole different article that also involves a long talk with mom and dad. Oh my goodness, this had to be the silliest movie I've seen in recent years, besides the cheesy '80s horror flick "The Gate. Peter Fonda acted like his name- his first, not his second. While she's noe exactly a gifted songbird, her solo is pretty much comparable to an everyday church soloist, but the interspersed shots of the bored and yawning congregation provide some unintentional comedy here. The Exorcist We were to naive in the '70's to relise had bad it was. There was no race, just a bunch of bad acting, screaming, and fire. This movie sends out a great message, especially to teenage girls. This movie was about a slovenly, unkempt, ugly police detective maybe a bad attempt to imitate Columbo who is trying to track down SOMEONE I can't really remember too many details. It's ironic that Billy Preston appears I think one reason why the movie maintains an audience is because beyond the music and format, there are several social statements all over the screen. Of all the horrid "Exorcist" ripoffs of the 70's, this was the very worst. The melting man is the only one who survived. Is She moaning His name or giving Him a command???? Worth a watch for its laugh value. I've tried to not be rude here and believe I've expressed my views without getting nasty. It involves two hapless criminals who escape from custody and are set loose in the country where they are way out of place. The film, an obvious "Charlie's Angels" rip-off, is about a group of women who bust up a drug ring. This was a total maggot gagger. If you are younger than the film's intended audience, don't dismiss it as a relic of a bygone era Killer Swarm a killer bee movie set in New Orleans. The actors are calling each other by real names and the cutting was probably made by a mongoloid child or some suffering from blindness. I wish I had seen it in the thearter when released, would have been a lot cheaper than what I paid for it in Death Race The Idea behind Death Race was that in the future, hit and run accidents were no longer illegal, and in fact made ito a sport! Now he wants it back.

Sex movies of the 70s

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Sex movies of the 70s

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