I am so proud of these people. Senior administration officials told reporters they were looking for the "right time" to make this announcement and conceded that Biden's remarks expedited the schedule, CBS News chief White House correspondent Norah O'Donnell reports. Their goal is to strike down the marriage restrictions in every state. An attorney for the plaintiffs said: In fact, marriage is principally for the nurturing and development of children. The problem here is not revenues; the problem is overspending.

Romney and same sex marriage

Romney was opposed to gay marriage, and, after the Massachusetts Supreme Court ruled in November that the denial of marriage licenses to same-sex couples was unconstitutional, he tried unsuccessfully to have the issue placed on the ballot. And they are extraordinary people. Boston Mayor Thomas Menino greeted three of the couples who were plaintiffs in Goodridge and said: The language adopted had Romney's support. On May 17, Richard Blumenthal wrote in a letter to Romney that the status of an out-of-state same-sex marriage in Connecticut was not "automatically void", and Patrick C. Bush took note of these events in Massachusetts with a statement calling for a constitutional amendment "defining and protecting marriage as a union of a man and a woman as husband and wife. Supreme Court decision in Roe v. The emotions that this kind of issue brings out can be very detrimental to society. It did not attempt to invalidate same-sex marriages licensed since Goodridge. Obama to explain his position after Biden and Education Secretary Arne Duncan essentially backed same-sex marriage this week. The General Court also rejected Romney's provision allowing high-deductible health plans. It's four judges basically turning society inside out with no input from anybody else. Those members who now seek to avoid their lawful obligations, by a vote to recess without a roll call vote by yeas and nays on the merits of the initiative amendment All we can do is tend our own garden, and make sure that it's weeded, and I think we've weeded out a discriminatory law that we should have. Romney criticized the decision as harming the rights of children: On June 22, he testified before the U. He called the amendment "wrong-hearted and wrong-headed" and defended the procedure: Galvin , and the President of the Massachusetts Senate who chairs joint sessions of the Legislature, Senator Travaglini. However, he was a notable presence during the campaign, becoming a vocal critic of Donald Trump , the eventual Republican nominee and winner. He said he would work with the Legislature to draft a law "consistent" with the ruling. Romney wrote, "Attaching the word marriage to the association of same-sex individuals mistakenly presumes that marriage is principally a matter of adult benefits and adult rights. Supporters of same-sex marriage sought the delay, which the amendment's backers denounced and Romney criticized it. On July 15, the Massachusetts Senate voted to repeal it on a unanimous voice vote. It took effect immediately. Pete Souza—Official White House Photo Later activities Although there was speculation that Romney would stage a third presidential run, in he publicly stated that he was not entering the race.

Romney and same sex marriage

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Mitt Romney: I've ALWAYS Been Against Gay Marriage

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Romney and same sex marriage

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