The novelization outright states that his body was never found by the Gotham Police. Imperial records say Yarrik won, but the orks believe that the two are still fighting down there, and will do so until the end of time. Fan Works Weaver Nine features Derrida, whose power allows him to deconstruct and then reconstruct Society members who are about to be killed in battle. At the end of the movie it is revealed she is still alive. It's a curious example, as the story is told by a very alive Jha'dur many years after her supposed death, and the reader knows that. Raging Heart vented drive plasma into the infected compartments to stop the Zombie Apocalypse see Faces in the Flames. Averted in a rather frightening way in Loveless , for while they did find the body of Seimei and even matched dental records — Guess what? Age of the Wolf: Lampshaded, then subverted, in Young Justice.

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Allen Walker in D. The devil does it in this tract. The Wham Episode reveals that Coulson did indeed die at Loki's hands, but was resurrected several days later against his will via a few different types of extremely disturbing SHIELD tech which included a memory wipe of the entire process. Heartland and his army of Litterbots who were standing between tham and Dr. That Hun swine Otto von Bruno's plane crashes at the end, and Professor Fenton states that "his body was never found", but after The Hero and his Love Interest get married, we see Otto disguised as their chauffeur. There are no bodies at the cluster of grave markers for the crew of the USS Wolfram in the cemetery on Goralis. Then, come chapter They never do find Buttle's body, despite his wife's repeated cries through the film. Oh, they never found the body. He sounds pretty dead. However, they leave themselves an out without closing the door in case the actor decides to return. The character is in fact being written out and will be presumed dead indefinitely. This, however, was cleverly staged, as he was supposed to be declared Legally Dead and go undercover for the next five years. Even after they raze an entire landscape with Beam Spams , Cooler isn't convinced and orders them to search every last inch of the area until they find him. In Puella Magi Madoka Magica , As Homura explains to Madoka, a magical girl who dies in a witch's barrier does not leave a corpse in the real world. The Winter Soldier film, where the identity of the eponymous Winter Soldier is a Foregone Conclusion for anyone who has any knowledge of the comics. Arcane is exploded, burned, and falls from a great height. Conrart turns his sword on Yozak and basically pushes him off the side of a cliff. Guardian of the Spirit. Lampshaded by Nick Fury: The story proves to be false when Guardian is revealed to be the robot Delphine Courtney and that Guardian is really dead. In one issue, the villainous Kadabra is caught in an explosion. Kubrick excised this scene shortly after the film's initial premiere. The widow Porkchop conned me? Recent chapter , which is 54 chapters after his disappearance, has confirmed that he's alive.

Nip tuck kimber sex doll

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Nip tuck kimber sex doll

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