Gues she aint into me anymore? My god wake up. It will get to the point now where he gets me naked starts kissing me then rolls over and goes to sleep. Like once a week. We do it the same way all the time.

Get in the mood for sex

I love him so much and we have been dating for over four years now. Jenna My partner is never in the mood no matter what I try including a few hurtful moments being rejected whilst trying to surprise him after his shift. This has been going on for a few months if its gonna be like this I am gonna hit the road. Gues she aint into me anymore? Not happening for him I try the advice you said and nothing happens. I try talking sexy to him. Leave the loser and find a real man. We were very sexually active in beginning for a long time. Which leaves me disappointed and unwanted. I dont know what to dowe try to have sex once a week now it once every two weeks and soon it will be once a month, but he wants a baby and he is tired of trying i feel like he is bored of me Ashley Johnson I feel same way with my husband. What is going on help me. But he can go out side and work on his dirt bikes and whatever else he has for toys. Like once a week. Puts me down either way both of us jus dont even try. But after five years he should know if your ok with it or not. I feel hella insecure , dont know whats goin on. Like 4 -5 times a week. We have talked about it no end and nothing changes but I gave up my life for him and have nothing now and I love him aside from the non sexual side. Used to have sex all da time. Brian Franklin Adams I am 45 years old and I have been married to my second wife since My god wake up. The same way is boring and annoying but it is the way he always wants to do it. R Hi, I just read your blog and it kind of helped a lot. Now i jus feel lonely To be honest. You know I did the generous deed of getting him to where he need to be and finally that did the trick. It made me feel like I was the issue. And your left in the dust lol.

Get in the mood for sex

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Get in the mood for sex

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